Our range of construction fasteners covers products for light, medium and heavy duty fixing. They can be used in a range of materials from concrete and metal to plaster board and timber. Please select from the options below to view our range.


Masonry Fixings:


Drop In Anchor

Drop In Anchor Stainless

Bettadrive Nail in Plugs Nylon

Nail in Plug Nylon

Nail in Plug Metal

Spike Anchor

Spike Anchor Stainless

Split Anchor

 Split Anchor Stainless

 Plastic Spaghetti

Plastic Wall Plugs

Sleeve Anchors:


Safety Anchor Hex Head

CSK Sleeve Anchor

 CSK Sleeve Anchor Stainless

Eye Bolt Sleeve Anchor

Flush Head Sleeve Anchor

 Flush Head Sleeve Anchor Stainless

Hex Nut Sleeve Anchor

Hex Nut Sleeve Anchor Stainless

Hex Screw Bolt

Csk Screw Bolt

Hook Bolt Sleeve Anchor

Round Head Sleeve Anchor

Hex Nut Tru Bolt Sleeve Anchor

Hex Nut Tru Bolt Sleeve Anchor Stainless

Hollow Wall / Plaster Fixings:

Hollow Wall Anchor

Gravity Toggle

Spring Toggle


Wall Anchors

Chemical Anchoring systems:


Capsule / Stud

Injection System