Our range of Nuts are available in Metric, BSW, UNC & UNF. We carry Hex Standard, Nylon Insert, Lock, Tee, Wing, dome, Flanged, Manifold, Self Locking and Weld Nuts. Please select from the options below to view our range.


Available in Plain, H.D. Galvanised & Zinc Plated

Hex Standard Nuts Steel

Hexagon Nylon Insert Lock Nuts Steel


 Lock (Half) Nuts Steel



Tee Nuts Steel

Wing Nuts Steel



Dome Nuts Steel



Hexagon Flanged Nuts Steel


Available in Brass Plain. Please enquire about Nickel Plating.


Hex Standard Nuts Brass


Hex Lock (Jam) Nuts Brass

Wing Nuts Brass

Dome (Acorn) Nuts Brass

Hex Manifold Nuts Brass

Stainless Steel

Available in Grade 304 & 316

Imperial Nuts Stainless:

Hex Standard Nut Imperial Stainless

Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut Imperial Stainless

Dome Nut Imperial Stainless

Hex Flanged Nut Imperial Stainless

Lock (Half) Nut Imperial Stainless

Self Locking Nut Imperial Stainless

Wing Nut Imperial Stainless

 Metric Nuts Stainless:

Hex Standard Nut Metric Stainless

Hex Nylon Insert Lock Nut Metric Stainless

Dome Nut Metric Stainless

Hex Flanged Nut Metric Stainless

Lock (Half) Nut Metric Stainless

Self Locking Nut Metric Stainless

Wing Nut Metric Stainless

Weld Nut Metric Stainless