Our Socket Screw range is available in Metric, BSW, UNC & UNF. They also come in either Stainless Steel or Plain & Zinc Plated High Tensile. Please select from the options below to view the product section you require.

Alloy Steel

Available in Plain & Zinc Plated

Socket Head Cap Screw:

UNC Socket Cap Screw Alloy

UNF Socket Cap Screw Alloy

BSW Socket Cap Screw Alloy

Metric Socket Cap Screw Alloy

Metric FINE Socket Cap Screw Alloy

Button Head Socket Screw:

UNC Button Socket Screw Alloy

UNF Button Socket Screw Alloy

BSW Button Socket Screw Alloy

Metric Button Socket Screw Alloy 

Countersunk (Flat) Socket Screw:

UNC Csk Socket Screw Alloy

UNF Csk Socket Screw Alloy

BSW Csk Socket Screw Alloy

Metric Csk Socket Screw Alloy

Socket Set (Grub) Screw:

 UNC Grub Screw Alloy

UNF Grub Screw Alloy

BSW Grub Screw Alloy

Metric Grub Screw Alloy

Low Head Socket Cap Screw:

Imperial Low Head Socket Cap Screw Alloy

Metirc Low Head Socket Cap Screw Alloy

Shoulder Socket Screw:

UNC Shoulder Socket Screw Alloy

BSW Shoulder Socket Screw Alloy

Metric Shoulder Socket Screw Alloy

Stainless Steel

Available in Grade 304 & 316

Socket Head Cap Screw:

Imperial Socket Cap Screw S/S

Metric Socket Cap Screw S/S

Button Head Socket Screw:

 Imperial Button Socket Screw S/S

Metric Button Socket Screw S/S

Countersunk (Flat) Socket Screw:

Imperial Csk Socket Screw S/S

Metric Csk Socket Screw S/S

Socket Set (Grub) Screw:

Imperial Grub Screw S/S

Metric Grub Screw S/S