Plate Guard® Number plate security screws make the thieves think twice. The one way nature of the screws means they are easily installed with a flat blade screw driver but difficult to remove.

Micro Fasteners are a proud distributor of the Plate Guard® screws to the Victoria Police, Neighbourhood Watch, Councils, Vic Roads, Rotary & Lions clubs, Car dealerships and many more.

When your plates are stolen you must:

  1. Report the theft to police (in case they are used in a further crime e.g.  petrol theft)
  2. Report the theft to your registration authority and arrange replacement plates
  3. Notify your Insurance company of change of plates
  4. Fit new number plates
  5. Hope they don’t come back next week to steal them again
Avoid the hassle and fit Plate Guard@ Number Plate Security Screws to your car today!